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Quilt Top Preparation

NOTE: Occasionally we all have seams coming loose, wavy borders or puckers.  I would love to say these things are okay, but they will cause issues when quilting your quilt. We would love to say we can “quilt it out” but we just can’t.  I have found some ways to work around these things that might make them nearly invisible, but depending on the situation, it may still be noticeable. 

  • Quilt tops should lay flat and be square to avoid puckering when quilted. Excess fabric in borders can result in puckering.
  • Edge seams should be secured
  • Remove all excess threads and pin your name and phone number to your quilt top and backing.  Also, mark the top of your quilt top if it is not easily noticeable if you have a preference.
  • Press quilt top, seams should lay flat (press to one side).  This is really important and can make a big difference in the final look of the quilt.  Iron from the finished side (the front), and if you use starch, it will be especially appreciated.  (**Use this step to double check your seams to check for “holes” in your quilt top as well as any wavy borders.)

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