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Quilting Services 

Don’t just make those quilt tops and stop!  Let us help you complete
it with one of our beautiful edge-to-edge quilting designs.  

We have a large selection of wideback fabrics for your convenience as well as batting which we sell by the inch.

Binding problems...Either let us do it for you OR let us teach you how.

All of our longarm quilting is done in-house on our Handy Quilter Infinity longarm machine with the Pro Stitcher.  The Pro Stitcher offers state of the art stitch and design precision.  We have a large selection of quilting patterns and designs and we are always adding new designs to our collection.    We also offer Basting Services for those of you who enjoy hand quilting and machine quilting your quilt on your own domestic machine.  We care for your quilt as if it were our own, we love to put the final touches on your already beautiful quilt.

Longarm Quilting Pricing


Edge to Edge Quilting (minimum $40)

Edge to Edge (Dense)

Basting Service (Minimum $30)


Binding (Minimum $25)
Made, Attached, & Stitched by Machine 

Attaching & Top Stitching Pre-Made Binding


$.02 Per Square Inch

$.0225 Per Square Inch 

$.01 Per Square Inch 

$.25 - $.32 Per Linear Inch 

$.15 Per Linear Inch

$.12 Per Linear Inch 

How to get a rough estimate of cost of quilting:  
  1. Determine the overall square inches in your quilt, measure the width and length of the quilt.  Multiply these two measurements. For example: for a quilt that is 60”x72” = 4320 square inches.
  2. Then, multiply this total square inch amount by $.02, for example: 4320 x $.02 = $86.40 for the edge to edge quilting service.
  3. To calculate binding cost, find your linear inches by adding all four sides together, for example for your quilt that is 60”x72”:  60 + 60 + 72 + 72 = 264 linear inches

Quilt top preparation

NOTE: Occasionally we all have seams coming loose, wavy borders or puckers.  I would love to say these things are ok but they will cause issues when quilting your quilt, we would love to say we can “quilt it out” but we just can’t.  I have found some ways to work around these things that might make them nearly invisible, but depending on the situation it may still be noticeable. 

  • Quilt tops should lay flat and be square to avoid puckering when quilted. Excess fabric in borders can result in puckering.
  • Edge seams should be secured
  • Remove all excess threads and pin your name and phone number to your quilt top and backing.  Also, mark the top of your quilt top if it is not easily noticeable if you have a preference.
  • Press quilt top, seams should lay flat (press to one side).  This is really important and can make a big difference in the final look of the quilt.  Iron from the finished side (the front), and if you use starch it will be especially appreciated.  (**Use this step to double check your seams to check for “holes” in your quilt top as well as any wavy borders.)

quilt back preparation

Quilt backing (and batting) should be at least 6” longer and wider than your quilt top (3” all the way around bigger).  This extra fabric is a must to be able to attach the quilt to the bars of the frame.

If you piece your backing make sure to trim the selvages off as they shrink unevenly when you wash the quilt and create a puckered line.  Use a ½” seam allowance and press the seam open.  Square up your quilt back.  You can do this by folding it in quarters and using your rotary cutter and ruler to trim it even.  Again, make sure your back is at least 6” longer and wider than the quilt top.

If you choose a directional fabric for your backing fabric take that into account when piecing and please mark the top of the backing fabric.

T-shirt quilts & Memory Quilts 

Bring your UNCUT T-shirts into Two Chicks Quilting and we can discuss what you would like your T-Shirt or Memory Quilt to look like.  We prepare each shirt or piece of clothing with a stabilizer to keep it from stretching and then it can be sewn together with quilting cotton to create blocks.  Every T-shirt and Memory Quilt is an original.  We can work with a few shirts and add more quilting fabric and sashing or we can work with a lot of shirts.  Prices depend on your quilt design.  We would love to meet and discuss pricing.  Turn around time is 2-3 months so please plan early, especially if you need it for a special occasion.

Custom Quilt SErvice

If you have a quilt in mind you would like us to create for you, come in and let’s discuss it.  A quilt makes a cherished gift for your loved ones for any special occasion.  Come see us for your next wedding gift, baby gift, birthday, etc.  Cost depends on size and technical difficulty of the pattern requested, as well as fabric chosen.  Contact Two Chicks Quilting for pricing on your custom quilts.

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